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Hard Work vs Natural Talent

By darrenhiggs | April 27, 2019 |

What is more important for winning – hard work or natural talent? My personal opinion is that you can control one of these variables (i.e. hard work), but you cannot always control the other variable (i.e. natural talent). Always focus on the variables you can control. Read on for your own judgement.

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Success In Life

By darrenhiggs | April 13, 2019 |

Success is more than just achieving things. Success is also feeling good, mentally and emotionally, about your important goals. Success is bringing out the best in yourself. Isn’t this how you want your important goal achievements to be remembered? Read on for a a more profound way of living…

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Stop Bullying and Harassment

By darrenhiggs | March 15, 2019 |

Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke – Benjamin Disraeli Everybody has likely been bullied…or been a bully…at some points in their life. Personally I have been bullied throughout my life, and it really affects your self-confidence for a long time. I am lucky that I have had outlets such…

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Do you have respect for others?

By darrenhiggs | February 23, 2019 |

Do you have respect for others? Simply treat others how you want to be treated. Simply choose to like people. Respect is simple, but our ego gets in the way. We discuss in our blog.

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Mental Toughness for Martial Artists

By darrenhiggs | February 10, 2019 |

Mental toughness is an important part of martial arts. In life, choosing the “easy path” is too common. But to really achieve anything worthwhile, you need commitment, focus, resilience and the right attitude. Read on…

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Australia Day – Community

By darrenhiggs | January 19, 2019 |

Australia was built around great communities, not dissimilar to the great community we have at Quantum Martial Arts. With Australia Day upon us, it is a great time to reflect on this. Read on….

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The Aware Martial Artist

By darrenhiggs | January 12, 2019 |

Having an “awareness of others” can help you to improve not only as a martial artist, but as a person. Who doesn’t want to choose the right response to any situation with calmness and clarity? Read on…

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“Your Goals” vs “Your System”

By darrenhiggs | January 5, 2019 |

There is difference between motivation (i.e. having goals you want to chase) vs commitment (i.e. applying yourself to a system that will get you where you want to be).
Setting goals in life is great, but you should focus on your system. While goals are good for planning your progress, your martial arts system is where you make progress. Read on…

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What's Stopping You Reaching Your Martial Arts Goals?

By darrenhiggs | January 21, 2018 |

In order to achieve your or your child’s martial arts goals, you often need to change the way you do things. If not, you probably would have reached your goals already. Whether your goal is a Black Belt, fit and healthy body, or feeling confident that you can defend yourself, change is often needed. Read on.

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Talk of the Week – Strong Yet Gentle

By darrenhiggs | January 14, 2018 |

In martial arts, you learn how to be strong and how to be gentle. A wise martial artist knows when to be strong or gentle. Read on…

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