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Unlock Your Potential With Positive Behaviour

By darrenhiggs | October 16, 2022 |

Who does not want to be the best you can be, with anything in life that is important to you? However, to “Build A Better You”, you must adopt the right behaviours to get you there. Read on for our tips…

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By darrenhiggs | September 30, 2022 |

As martial artists, each class becomes an opportunity to enhance your confidence. From donning the uniform / gi, to facing challenging techniques and sparring, every experience contributes to strength and self-assurance. The dojo becomes a training ground for life, teaching valuable lessons applicable beyond the martial arts realm. Read on…

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By darrenhiggs | September 25, 2022 |

Life has many ways of testing us. Learn to surrender to things you cannot control, while focusing on those important things that you can manage. Surrendering is not giving up. It is simply accepting situations for what they are. Personally, I see surrender as focusing on what makes you happy. Surrender is opening up to new opportunities. This slight change in perspective can change the way you see things in life. And that’s what I want for you…to “Build A Better You”. Read on…

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By darrenhiggs | August 28, 2022 |

Who does not aspire to excel in the things that truly matter to us? I believe we all share that desire. Nevertheless, attaining a state of ‘excellence’ in any endeavour necessitates giving it your utmost effort, diligently acquiring knowledge, maintaining focus, and striving for the best possible outcome. These are the principles we instil in the students in every class. Few things compare to the sense of fulfillment, especially as an instructor, when witnessing the students achieve excellence with their martial arts. When they can attain excellence in martial arts, they possess the capability to excel at school or any other facet of life. Our aim is for you to prosper in all aspects of life. Please read on…

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Believe In Yourself

By darrenhiggs | March 20, 2022 |

Believe in yourself. Have a firm vision on what you want to achieve. Focus on good things. Think and talk positive. Have a strong support network. Trust and you will reach goals. Read on…

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Enhancing Your Martial Arts with Concentration!

By darrenhiggs | April 18, 2021 |

Concentration helps you with your martial arts (or anything in life). Likewise, martial arts definitely helps with your concentration. Read on for how…

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Kaizen Philosophy For Excellence In Your Life

By darrenhiggs | March 7, 2021 |

Kaizen, meaning “change for better”, embodies the belief that even the smallest improvements contribute to a better you. It is a compelling desire to turn challenges into opportunities, setting you on the path to excellence. Read on for how the kaizen philosophy helps “Build A Better You”…

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Leadership: Unleashing Your Potential In Martial Arts

By darrenhiggs | May 4, 2020 |

In the world of martial arts, the synergy between leadership and personal development is truly remarkable. As you delve into the world of martial arts, you will quickly discover how it not only hones your physical skills but also plays a pivotal role in shaping your leadership abilities. Read on to explore how to “walk your talk” and discover how martial arts can transform you into a true leader.

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Effort Leads To Excellence

By darrenhiggs | February 29, 2020 |

At a certain stage in our martial arts journey, we realise that we have undertaken something more than just training the body. We realise the training requires a mental and spiritual component as well. But you can only know this if you put in the effort to be excellent. Read on….

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By darrenhiggs | October 27, 2019 |

Balance is having the body, mind and spirit in tune with each other. Create harmony between your responsibilities (e.g. work) and the pursuits that bring you fulfilment. This leads to a happy and peaceful life. Read on…

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