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Generosity can mean many things to many people, whether it is not thinking only of oneself, or giving without expecting in return. In today’s busy world, it is easy to fall into the trap of focusing your energies on yourself, rather than the interests of everyone. We all know we should be kind to those around us, so make an effort to do so. Read on…


Children and family seem to have lots of demands with on their time and energy. Remember, you cannot be “everything to everybody all of the time”. You are better served by knowing what is important to you, then tackling what needs to be done with focus, calmness and singular resolution. Read on.


Trust, whether it is trusting yourself or trusting others, is important in today’s world. If there was more trust amongst each other, there would be less conflict, which would also lead to less of a need for self defence and martial arts. This is also an important lesson for children and family.