Childrens Testimonials

Quantum Martial Arts

Jack seems to be really enjoying his classes with you. I particularly like the fact that there are plenty of instructors per class, which means special care can be given to each child- at this young age, their attention wavers easily!! He also seems to get a good workout, which I think is also important for young kids with plenty of energy!


Thanks for the email- Oscar is loving martial arts! Oscar has ADHD and really really struggles with learning new skills which demotivates him to try new things. Besides swimming lessons (which he does not really enjoy or readily improve at) we have never successfully found something that he can do! Until now! I nearly died of shock when he told me he wanted to do extra martial arts classes during the holidays. He has never wanted to do anything extra ever!!! And yesterday I found him with a sandal on each hand trying to train his 3yr old brother with all his new skills! I really really hope the enthusiasm sticks around because I can see a bright future for him with you guys! So thank you so much for providing him with something he is excited and enthusiastic about!


Oliver has transitioned from our previous school exceedingly well. The class framework is great. Oliver has received support guidance and a wonderful welcome during his transition. We are very happy with the well organised, professional and friendly environment.


My children absolutely love coming along. Harry said he loves everything about Jujitsu.
The main reason why we decided to have our children experience the art of Jujitsu was because of behaviours my eldest son Harry started to experience from other boys at school. Harry is a gentle soul. He is so young and has already experienced children who are alot rougher at school and even display 'bully' behaviours towards him. I need to give him the life skills to say no to this type of behaviour and also perhaps have a natural response should he need to stop something around him that is going to hurt.
Claudia is five years old and as a female I would have loved the chance to learn this type of skill in such a positive environment. I would love for her to continue as she is physically strong and enjoys the group activity. Both of my children LOVE Dylan and are really pleased when he has dedicated time to teach them. They love the lady teacher (Sang) and also the chats with Andrew have been really positive and insightful for them. When the class is super busy, the teacher to child ratio is spot on. My children love how they can come along in school holiday time too and train harder to achieve the next grading/belt.


It has been great experience till date and I hope to continue on this journey. Anisha has enjoyed her lessons and continues to gain confidence and I do hope she will continue to build on the foundation that she has started to lay down. On a personal note, having achieved yellow green tip belt over this year, I look forward to continuing on the journey and earning a Black belt by the time I turn 55 years in 4 years from now.



Adults Testimonials

Quantum Martial Arts

I just wanted to say thank you!! I always appreciate your support and advice. I still remember how nervous I was during the interview and surprised when I was signing the contract on the same day. (Haha) I'm enjoying my job and having fun training the kids, not only because they are kids but also I have you as a boss and we've got great team. 🙂 Quantum is one of the best communities I've been at.

Sang-Eun Lee

I started my martial arts journey in Aug 2015 when I decided it was time to get fit and lose some weight. My son wanted to try out martial arts too so it was a something we could do together. I started out one day a week, but as my interest and fitness grew, I began coming more frequently. I'm now on my way to becoming a black belt, something I never thought I would want to achieve. Darren, Ben and all the trainers and fellow students at Quantum are always ready to help you on your Ju Jitsu journey. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer and I always look forward to putting on my gi and leaving the outside world behind as I enter the dojo and focus on learning and getting fit.


I just wanted to say thank you for the positive role you and QMA had and continue to have in my martial arts journey.   Your personal interest and daily involvement in your dojos means a great deal to those who train with you, either as QMA or visiting NSMA members.  Your inclusive attitude and commitment to excellence is reflected in the achievements of your students and does your organisation great credit.


Since I started my clases I got hooked and it is hard for me to imagine not going to them those 2 days a week. Absolutely incredible!
It has truly made a positive difference in my life. I feel I have infinite patience now, at home and at work.
With all the inherent benefits of martial arts, I think it is the coaching and community feel that make the difference and get me eagerly going back every week. I know it is early days (I only got my yellow belt last week), but I'm going all the way to black belt and beyond. ?


The whole experience has been welcoming professional and very impressive - well done to the whole team. Really enjoying the classes the Sat Class is the only class I can make at the moment due to family and other commitments but I hope that will change over time. Am just coming off the back off a shoulder injury and am working around that at present as I get back to full strength. The longer term health benefits are clear from the classes and I hope to continue to build up my flexibility and strength progressively, Albeit a bit slower at 50 than I was at 20. Overall it’s a very impressing club with a great culture you should be very proud.


I am glad that I am back to training and I am really enjoying my classes even though I am still fighting my jet lag. 🙂 I also found that I feel much better since I started the training. Really appreciate all your guidance and support.