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Behaviour and Action

By darrenhiggs | October 25, 2020 |

To be the best you can be…to “build a better you”…you must adopt the right behaviours and actions to succeed. Read on for help to get you where you want to be.

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By darrenhiggs | July 14, 2020 |

Consistency – simply show up, work hard and do your best. If you do this regularly, you will be a success at whatever you put your mind to. Now….read this post and then get to it!!!

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Embracing Challenges

By darrenhiggs | June 15, 2020 |

In martialarts, we provide assurance that anyone can attain a Black Belt, or any other goal. The only thing required of you is to make a 100% commitment to the process and to fully embrace the challenge.

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Being Impeccable

By darrenhiggs | March 5, 2020 |

Be your best at everything you do. Be impeccable. Read on….

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By darrenhiggs | July 15, 2019 |

Toughness is doing the things you need to do, no matter what you are feeling inside. When you are tough in any situation, you progress, which sets an expectation of winning. Read on….

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By darrenhiggs | May 19, 2019 |

Courtesy is to respect other people…do not bully others…offer kind gestures…say please and thank you…smile a lot. This helps make everybody happy. Read on…

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Do you have respect for others?

By darrenhiggs | February 23, 2019 |

Do you have respect for others? Simply treat others how you want to be treated. Simply choose to like people. Respect is simple, but our ego gets in the way. We discuss in our blog.

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By darrenhiggs | February 17, 2019 |

Commitment seems to be a quaint concept in the modern world, where so many messages of “put yourself first” and “take the easy path” are prevalent. However, we all know that anything truly worth having or achieving requires focus, energy and time to be successful. In other words, COMMITMENT! Commitment…

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By darrenhiggs | January 20, 2019 |

Mateship is showing loyalty to others. It is treating people equally, regardless of our backgrounds. It is solidarity, as mates are there in good or bad times. Be a good mate to everybody! Read on…

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The Aware Martial Artist

By darrenhiggs | January 12, 2019 |

Having an “awareness of others” can help you to improve not only as a martial artist, but as a person. Who doesn’t want to choose the right response to any situation with calmness and clarity? Read on…

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