Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

No, you do not need any previous martial arts experience. The QMA team welcome all people of any skill level and adjust the classes to suit your level

We teach from 3 years old and above. Refer to our timetable for details.

Quantum Martial Arts Timetables

We have many classes run across multiple days and locations. Please refer to our timetable to find a time that suits you.

Quantum Martial Arts Timetables

Certainly, please speak with one of the instructors to purchase a new one. Please bring cash as card is only accepted at certain locations.

No we only close for a couple of weeks over Christmas. During school holidays we run our school holiday program which provides unlimited classes for children across all our locations.

Grading Questions

For your child to grade they need the minimum number of black tapes for their belt level and they need to know their syllabus. Check with the Instructors on whether your child is ready to grade prior to registration.

White = 2 Black Tapes

Yellow = 3 Black Tapes

Green and above = 4 Black Tapes

This depends on how long they have been doing our Super Star classes. Typically they would participate in a Bright Star grading and be awarded a Super Star belt, however if they have been completing Super Star classes for many months they may be eligible for a Super Star grading. 

To confirm the best option for your child, please speak with one of the instructors

Apologies but once grading registration is closed we cannot accept entries. We offer multiple gradings throughout the year so please register for the next grading.

Apologies, but grading registration is limited to the specific day, time and location. If you've missed your grading please re-register for the following grading. 

We accept both cash and card on the day of grading.

Please refer to the grading registration page for a list of all our gradings for the year.

Quantum Martial Arts Grading

Adult students have attendance sheets which are required to be signed off by QMA trainers at each class. These are located in our Adults Syllabus section.

The black and white tape accrued through class attendance is not transferable to the new belt. Those that receive Brown 2 and Red 2 tapes are required to remove their black and white tapes.