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As an active member, you will receive access for you or your child’s specific age group via email. These are emailed out at the start of every week and new content is always being developed and uploaded.

Each session will have a complete workout routine and will provide you with a class experience to augment your training in and out of the dojo. We also cover syllabus work, so you can continually progress in your own learning as well. Each class will have a “homework technique”. If you email through to us the “homework technique”, whether words or video, we will mark your attendance. You can also tick one box on your form (for adults) or we will give that class tape to the children when next in class.

We are also excited to bring you our Live Streaming classes as well! Access to these sessions are available by logging into your age group's portal below.

In addition bookings for our Face-To-Face classes are available too! These are accessible by logging in to you or your child's age group below.

In addition to everything above; you are encouraged to reach out to us and email in any questions you have regarding your own training. We will be there to support you along the way and want to interact with our community as much as possible.

So please email us at: should you have any questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with personalised advice on your own training.

Please click on the login button beneath you or your child's age group to get started!

Little Stars (Ages 3-4)

Martial Arts 3-4 years old

Bright Stars (Ages 5-8)

Martial Arts 7-8 years old

Super Stars (Ages 9-15)


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