We are living busier lives, with lots of demands on your time and energy. Remember, you cannot be “everything to everybody all of the time”. You will be better served by knowing what is important to you, then tackling actions with focus, calmness and singular resolution.

This is where the concept of Zanshin comes into play. Zanshin is a state of awareness and calm preparedness. When you are feeling stressed, come back to the present moment and be completely engrossed in the activity you are partaking in. This can be playing with your children, or really listening and hearing your family and friends.

From a martial arts perspective, Zanshin is focusing 100% of your energy and state to your technique…with a real intensity and purpose.

Focusing completely on something is hard, but gets easier with practice. The practice is worth the effort. Zanshin is really rewarding, as it allows you to enjoy every single moment of the things you do. It allows you to live your life with purpose. Who doesn’t want that?