Winning is not just being first across the line, or being the best at something. Winning is more about completing something you put your mind to. Winning is about finishing that goal. Obviously, you first need a goal to shoot for. In martial arts, the concept of gradings provides a form of regular goal accomplishment. You set your mind to the grading goal, you work hard towards it, you get help from everybody around you, and then you complete that goal.

If you can win at martial arts, you can win in every other area of your life. It simply requires the same goal setting, dedication and hard work. The formula for winning is simple, so long as you have the drive to commit.

In saying the above, to feel like a true winner, you must feel as though you have “earned” that goal. I see “earning” as being your behaviour while trying to achieve your goal. You see, you can sometimes “win” without having really earned your goal. If you try your best, work as hard as you can, leave no stone unturned, and be of good character while trying to accomplish your goal, you have definitely earned the right to be a winner. Even if you do not ultimately achieve your goal immediately, you should still feel like a winner, as you have done everything possible to “earn it”. That reminds me of a great line from the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, where Leonardo de Caprio says, “I will win, not immediately, but definitely”. If you are doing everything you can to earn your goal, you will eventually be a winner.

Speaking of quotes from others, Conor McGregor said a great line, “Losers focus on winners…winners focus on winning”. Therefore, do not focus on what others are doing. Focus on the things that are really important to you, do everything possible to earn your goal, then go out and be a winner. Build A Better You!