Winning is not solely about being first or the best. It is about fulfilling the objectives you set for yourself. Of course, having a goal is the initial step. In martial arts, gradings serve as regular milestones for achieving objectives. You focus on your grading goal, exert dedicated effort, seek assistance from those around you, and ultimately accomplish that goal.

Therefore, winning is more about completing something you put your mind to. Winning is about finishing that goal.

Martial Arts For Life

Mastering martial arts translates to winning in all aspects of life. It merely demands consistent goal setting, unwavering dedication, and relentless hard work. The winning formula is straightforward, as long as you possess the determination to stay committed.

Earn Your Reward

To truly feel like a winner, you must believe that you have genuinely “earned” your goal. I perceive “earning” as reflecting your behavior throughout the pursuit of your goal. Sometimes, you may “win” (in the traditional sense) without truly deserving it. However, if you give your best, exert maximum effort, explore all possibilities, and demonstrate good character in striving for your goal, you have unquestionably earned the right to be a winner. Even if you don’t immediately achieve your goal, you should still embrace the feeling of victory, knowing you have done everything in your power to “earn it”. This reminds me of a powerful line from the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” where Leonardo DiCaprio declares, “I will win, not immediately, but definitely.” If you are wholeheartedly striving to earn your goal, you will eventually emerge as a triumphant winner.

Focus on Winning

In the wise words of Conor McGregor, “Losers focus on winners…winners focus on winning.” It’s a reminder not to fixate on others’ actions. Instead, direct your attention towards what truly matters to you. Give your all to achieve your goals and emerge victorious. It’s time to build a better version of yourself and embrace the path of a true winner.

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