Turn off your device and embrace life!

…or how your screens are harming you and how martial arts can help!

Let me ask you a question.  How many different screens do you look at each day and for how long?

Here’s my answer 8 – a personal laptop, a big screen TV, my mobile phone, a QMA mobile phone, my work computer with second screen, a fitness band and my Kindle.

Turn off your device and embrace life!

Smartphone free zone!

I would honestly have to say that almost 70% of my waking hours are screen based.  I’m a professional knowledge worker outside of my contribution to running the business side of QMA.  Therefore a lot of time is looking at screens for creating records, content and monitoring engaging through social media.

Our overwhelming attachment to our screens is best seen if you jump on the bus or train carriage.  Do a quick check of how many passengers are hunched over their smartphones or laptops!

Or have you noticed the tech zombies who walk around the City surrendering their responsibility for their personal space and others, while playing games, answering texts or browsing the web?

Also those who text or otherwise use their smartphone while driving?

Here are just a few of the detrimental impacts of screens on our lives:

  • Increased personal safety risk – due to the tunnel vision focus on the screen / device to the exclusion of other stimuli, as well as illegal, unsafe or stupid use (playing Pokemon Go while driving – really !??)
  • Bad posture and sitting for too long – even after sitting for 20 minutes our spines compress to a significant level.
  • Poor vision – even with glasses and a fresh prescription  I am now zooming to 180% on documents.  Apparently myopia is on the increase!
  • Poor sleep quality and insomnia – the blue spectrum light from most LCD and LED screens interferes with our production of serotonin and our circadian rhythms – essential elements for quality sleep and avoiding insomnia.
  • Quality of interpersonal relationships – while social media can be a great tool for engagement, communication and keeping in touch, I respectfully suggest that it is a poor substitute for real interactions with ‘friends’ in the flesh.  Have you heard the statement “oh, they’re just a Facebook friend”.
  • Family life – I read an article recently which said the average weekly facetime (pun intended) between family members was 6 to 8 hours which was far outstripped by time on devices and social media.

However here’s where martial arts training comes to the rescue!

  • Instead of playing a computer game as a warrior – you can become a real modern one – in all dimensions – mind, body, spirit!
  • Hard physical workouts and the discipline of training will mean you are engaging with reality – your health, your training partners and the present moment of the training experience.
  • QMA has many couples and families as part of the community.  The family that trains together, grows together!
  • The friends that you make at QMA are friends in life, and on Facebook!

See you on the mats!  BPO

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