No two people in this world are exactly the same. The world would be a pretty boring place if everyone was the same. It is great that everybody thinks differently and acts differently.

You do not have to agree with other’s opinions. But, as martial artists and people, we must respect other people’s rights to differ from our views of life. You need to learn to be respect those differences.

Try New Things

A central part of our emotional / spiritual growth is being prepared to try new things. This is why we challenge the students to do different things in every class. When you try new things, you learn about yourself and you learn about other’s. This helps you acquire tolerance, as you are not just sitting in your comfort zone. You are getting out and experiencing things you have not experienced before. It gives you a greater appreciation of other’s, as well as different ways of doing things. For “martial arts classes near me”, please click on the timetable section of this website. 

Choose The Right Action

Tolerance is not just letting everything go. There are just some behaviours that should not be tolerated in life. However, this is where your martial arts training kicks in. You learn to choose the right actions to deal with the needs of a situation. Think about how you would like to be treated and treat other’s the same way. Learn to respect and accept that other people can and will act / think differently to you. Again, no two people are the same. So we must learn to be tolerant in life.

Exercise Item

For the rest of this week, think of a situation that would normally frustrate you. Then sit back, take a breath and think about it from another point of view. Take heed of tolerance and see whether you can lower your frustration with that situation, while learning to respect the other person. It will help build a better you. I am happy to hear about any situations where tolerance has worked for you.

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