Still and Neutral

Challenging situations are an inescapable facet of our lives. Throughout our daily, weekly, and monthly journeys, it is inevitable that not everything will unfold precisely as we might hope. On occasion, we may encounter choices that we would rather not have to make. It is crucial to acknowledge that decisions influenced by negative emotions, like anger or frustration, often yield less than desirable outcomes for everyone involved. Therefore, it becomes vital to base our choices on a foundation of stillness and neutrality.

Benefit Of Being “Still and Neutral”

When we find ourselves in a state of calm and centeredness, a unique perspective on the situation at hand emerges. Embracing stillness enables us to become neutral observers, irrespective of whether the circumstances lean in our favor or not. This perspective is immensely valuable as it empowers us to make sound decisions, liberated from the intrusion of negative emotions that could otherwise cloud our judgment. Decisions originating from this “still and neutral” vantage point have a tendency to bring about happiness and tranquility into our lives, ultimately benefiting all those in our orbit. It is a profound gift we bestow not only upon ourselves but also upon those we interact with.

Tips To Remain “Still and Neutral”

To aid in your quest to maintain this “still and neutral” state, both in martial arts and in life, consider the following tips:

  1. Question Ownership: Ask yourself, “Who does this emotion or thought belong to?” If it does not feel like it is yours, refrain from attaching to it. Also, seek the positive aspect in the experience.
  2. Avoid Reacting: Instead of reacting, which implies judgment, consider the other person’s point of view and provide your own perspective. This prevents you from taking things too seriously. If you do react, be kind to yourself and resolve to do better next time.
  3. Embrace Acceptance: Let negativity or judgment slide by without letting it cling to you.
  4. Self-Forgiveness: If you deviate from your preferred state, forgive yourself and move forward.
  5. Choose a Different Perspective: Take action by selecting an alternative viewpoint. Engaging with negativity is a choice. Ask yourself what you want to experience at that moment.
  6. Let Go: Release negative thoughts or emotions, making them part of your past. Stay in the present, where every moment offers a fresh opportunity to create something new.
  7. Gratitude: Express gratitude for every experience and extract the lessons from it. This enhances your awareness for the future. Opt for positive emotions like acceptance, energy, joy, creativity, tranquility, freedom, wisdom, peace, harmony, health, abundance, and love. These emotions provide a meaningful way to live your life.

Make The Right Choices

As an integral part of life’s journey, or even in readiness for significant decision-making moments, it’s a wise practice to pause, take a few deep breaths, and cultivate a state of calm and stillness. In this state, abstain from passing judgment or forming opinions about the situation at hand. Instead, strive to remain entirely neutral. This approach empowers you to perceive the situation in its unaltered form. From this “still and neutral” standpoint, you can confidently proceed to make your choices with clarity and equanimity.

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