Distinguishing between bravery and courage reveals a significant contrast. Bravery involves confronting challenges devoid of fear, while courage entails taking necessary actions despite feeling fear.

Why Do Things When You Feel Fear?

Why engage in tasks when fear is present? The motivation must be truly paramount to you. It could encompass endeavors such as attempting a martial arts class or participating in sparring. Personally, I experience pre-training jitters and nervousness before any training session, or when conducting classes, as it is important for me to strive for excellence in all that I do. Fear is present, yet my passion for martial arts and teaching prevails, allowing me to overcome this fear each class.

Why Is Courage Important?

The significance of exemplifying courage is as follows:

  • Elevate confidence and self-assurance
  • Foster a positive outlook on life through personal triumphs over adversity
  • Cultivate leadership skills by inspiring those around you
  • Hone the skill of taking risks and overcoming challenges, thereby infusing courage into all of your life choices
  • Exude success and an aura of accomplishment
  • Primarily, you will achieve happiness by pursuing the things in life that are important to you, irrespective of fear

Quite a few students require encouragement to pursue gradings due to apprehension, yet they tackle the challenge with determination and end up doing really well. It is natural to experience fear, but succumbing to it impedes progress toward your goals.

Action Time

This week, reflect upon a goal you have hesitated to pursue due to fear. Summon the courage to venture forth, for every journey starts with the first step.

If one of your goals is try a martial arts class, please refer to our timetable link for “martial arts classes near me”. We look forward to supporting your courageous decision.