Commitment For Martial Arts Excellence

In the modern world, where messages of “put yourself first” and “take the easy path” prevail, commitment might seem quaint. Yet, we all know that true success requires focus, energy, and time. Commitment is not fleeting; it is a deep sense of laying everything on the line to achieve the set goal.

I have always held great admiration for people who embody resilience and perseverance. In other words’ being “tough”. When I use the term “tough,” I’m not referring to winning every battle, but rather those who persist no matter the obstacles before them. These remarkable individuals, whether leading the way or trailing behind, consistently give their best until the very end.

“Tough” In All Walks Of Life

This quality extends beyond the realm of martial arts; it can be found in various walks of life, from dedicated parents and educators, to students striving for excellence. Even in the pursuit of “Building A Better You” through martial arts, these individuals stand out for their unwavering commitment.

Choosing the hard path, where you work for things, leads to an easy life. All our students, adults, and children alike, can draw lessons from the dojo. Commitment can be seen in training hard for the next grading – putting in the effort results in rewards. Apply these lessons beyond the dojo, at home, school, or work, and success in anything you set your mind to becomes achievable. It all begins with COMMITMENT!

Commitment vs Motivation

For me, commitment stands apart from motivation. While motivation can be easily sparked by an inspiring article or a YouTube video, it’s commitment that propels you out of bed early for training or to the dojo. “Tough” individuals are not merely motivated; they are committed to realizing their aspirations. Their decisions align with their ultimate goals, and quitting when faced with adversity is not an option.

14 Steps To Build Commitment

When is a good time to build commitment? All the time, any time. Some steps to help you build commitment are as follows:

  1. Work together withy like-minded people, such as your friends at the dojo
  2. Congratulate yourself after every class. This will help you feel successful at what you do
  3. Make decisions together with fellow students and / or your instructors
  4. Work through the hard times.
  5. Support your friends who are also embarking on a similar challenge, e.g. your next grading
  6. Have fun in class. Enjoyment helps build commitment
  7. Overcome obstacles…together
  8. Hold each other to high principles. Do not let your friends slacken off, just as they will not let you slacken off
  9. Appreciate and respect one another. Martial arts starts and ends with respect, so this is the perfect activity to help you build respect and commitment
  10. Challenge your fellow students to take the next step, just as I challenge you as your instructor
  11. Build friendships within the dojo. Having like-minded friends chasing similar goals will help with your commitment
  12. Experience a victory together, e.g. your gradings
  13. Learn from mistakes and setbacks. Discuss them with your teacher who can help you find the solutions
  14. The instructors are where they are because they are committed. I could think of worse role models.

Commitment may dwindle when you fail to communicate effectively, neglect relationship-building and mutual support, deviate from your own principles, and observe a lack of commitment from leaders. Conversely, commitment naturally flourishes under conditions where open communication, strong relationships, support mechanisms, conflict resolution, adherence to principles, and leadership commitment are evident.

Embrace Challenges

To bolster commitment, it’s crucial to embrace whatever challenges the day presents. Whether a challenging day at the office or traffic on the way home, resilient individuals do not let these obstacles derail their path. Acknowledge that hurdles will arise, but let them serve as stepping stones rather than roadblocks. Stay committed to yourself and your objectives, finding joy in the journey despite the hurdles.

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