Take the right actions

“Right actions” helps you to choose a peaceful path of living. Taking the right action is not a hard and fast rule per se, as the concept of right and wrong can be different to each person…which is fine. Plus, humans are hardwired to have a natural tendency to try and break rules. “Right Action” is more about trusting your feelings to do positive deeds for yourself and others. This is made easier by having an open and loving attitude to life.

Positive Thoughts

“Right Action” starts with having positive thoughts. “Right Action” is also talking positively. Negative thoughts and negative talk will foster doubt in you, which stops you taking positive actions in life. Negativity may also affect your choices, as it is hard to make the right choices with a negative attitude. In turn, having positive thoughts and positive talk will help you make the right choices in life, hopefully always choosing the path of peace.


If we break down this phrase, “right” can mean the way you conduct yourself in everyday life, as well as how you conduct yourself to others. It is doing what needs to be done in any situation. We will all have different interpretations of what is “right”. This is where being neutral can help you respond in the “right” way. However you interpret it, make sure you are thinking / talking / doing the positive actions to “build a better you”.

Action Time

In saying the above, thinking about things or talking about things will not get you where you need to be. But “action” will set you on the path. Courage is often needed to take action in life. That’s fine…be courageous. Be one of those people that walk their (positive) talk. That is “Right Action”.

Whether it is in everyday life or in the dojo, you can start by doing the following:

  • Show respect to yourself, others and life in general;
  • Be generous with your time and resources. In martial arts, we call this service to others. If you are able to help fellow students in the dojo, you will be able to do it with family, friends and work colleagues;
  • Do not take advantage of others. Karma will come back to you bite you on this. Instead, be a good and responsible member of your community;
  • Do not talk negatively, do not preach hate, and try to walk a mile in other people’s shoes. This will give you a greater understanding of others, which could help “build a better you”;
  • Only let the good into your life. Do not consume bad foods, do not read negative books, do not absorb anything which preaches discord. Absorb good things instead. You are like a sponge. What comes out of you is often a product of what you absorb. So absorb good things;
  • Show compassion towards others. I really admire people who can do this. Small kind acts can mean the world to somebody else. It also sets you on the path to wisdom, as you are showing yourself that not everything in life is about you. You are part of something bigger.

Step Forward

For this week, have a think about your values in life. If you could conduct yourself in any way, how would you conduct yourself? Once you know this, do not let negative matters get in the way. Instead, on a daily basis, take the “Right Action” through your thoughts, words and deeds. And do it with a loving attitude towards others.

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