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Some Ärt” With Your Martial Arts

By darrenhiggs | October 16, 2015 |

As a martial artist, I get inspiration from many sources. This includes art or any endeavour where you can get a glimpse of what people are feeling when they produce something wonderful. Read on for some lessons.

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How to save a life…

By darrenhiggs | October 8, 2015 |

Martial arts has helped transform many lives for the positive. You may be one of these people who have experienced the positive transformation. Share that benefit with others. Read on.

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Goal Setting For Martial Arts

By darrenhiggs | September 13, 2015 |

Goal setting is the key to success. In martial arts, you regularly get a chance to achieve your goals. This can be in the form of a grading, a tournament, learning your syllabus or simply getting fit.However, there are goals that progress you forward and goals that hold you back. Read on for help.

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What Style Of Martial Arts Do You Do?

By darrenhiggs | September 5, 2015 |

People always ask “what style of martial arts do you do?” It is human nature to seek understanding of a situation. But it is not a simple answer. Read on for why.

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Friday Thinker

By darrenhiggs | August 14, 2015 |

We have been blessed here in Sydney lately with some brilliant sunny weather to balance the Winter chill. Here is a quick and simple mindfulness style meditation to connect you to the present moment and to enjoy the Sun fully! Become still – sitting or ready stance Close your eyes…

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Why Your Instructor Cares About You And Your Family

By darrenhiggs | July 17, 2015 |

I enjoy being a martial arts instructor , as the sense of camaraderie among all of the instructors and students is terrific. Martial arts creates one big family, where everybody enjoys each other’s success and commiserates in other’s disappointment. Read on for more.

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Mental toughness for martial artists

By darrenhiggs | June 5, 2015 |

Mental toughness for martial artists is quite involved. It is commitment, focus, resilience, and the right attitude. Read on for our thoughts on how to develop mental toughness.

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Martial Arts Zen In Everyday Life

By darrenhiggs | May 15, 2015 |

Martial arts is not about being great in the dojo, but rather in real life. The ultimate goal is to focus on the present moment. Read on for how to get zen in everyday life.

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Hard Work vs Natural Talent

By darrenhiggs | May 4, 2015 |

I watched the Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquaio fight. You had two great martial artists who have worked very hard on their game and developed tremendous skill. They also have great natural talent and genetics. So what is important – hard work or natural talent? Read on for answers.

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Find Your Perfect Training Partner

By darrenhiggs | April 26, 2015 |

One way to overcome martial arts boredom is to have a consistent training partner/s. Everybody from weekend warriors to Olympic level athletes need people to push them and help keep them motivated. Read on for help with this.

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