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The Family That Trains Together….

By darrenhiggs | April 17, 2016 |

Martial arts is great for bringing the family together. It allows you to connect with your child, teach you and your child to self-defence, while allowing you to be your child’s role model. Read on for how martial arts brings the family together.

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Effort leads to excellence

By darrenhiggs | March 6, 2016 |

Martial arts is more than just physical moves. It is also embracing the mental and spiritual aspects. However, this takes effort. But effort leads to excellence. Read on.

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Mental Preparation For Martial Arts Class

By darrenhiggs | January 17, 2016 |

What is your mentality when you walk into a martial arts class? Do you prepare yourself mentally so that you can give yourself the best chance of having a great experience in class? Read on for our martial arts tips.

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How we came up with our name

By darrenhiggs | January 10, 2016 |

Following on from Darren’s great blog post last week on what our logo means to us, I thought I would give some insight into how we developed the name for our martial arts school ~ Ben

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The Story Behind Our Logo

By darrenhiggs | January 3, 2016 |

Every martial arts dojo has their own logo. We are often asked the meaning behind ours. There was a lot of thought behind it, as it had to represent what we would like our students to achieve. And, as we live in an ”image is everything” society, the logo had to look good. Read on for why.

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Why Should Women Do Martial Arts?

By darrenhiggs | November 22, 2015 |

There are so many reasons why women should do martial arts. It will help with safety, you learn self-defence, plus it is fun. Read on for many more reasons.

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Martial Arts Helps Shyness & Introversion

By darrenhiggs | November 15, 2015 |

As a martial arts instructor, one of the biggest things that stops children and adults trying something a class is “shyness”, which involves anxiety and behavioural inhibition in social situations. Martial arts will help children with this. Read on for how.

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Martial Arts Helps Intellectual Accomplishment

By darrenhiggs | November 8, 2015 |

Many of us already know that that physical activity will help enhance brain performance. Martial arts can certainly help intellectual accomplishment, as it provides a mental, emotional and philosophical framework around the physical activity. This is all backed up by scientific research. Read on.

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What The Star Wars Bi-Trilogy Teaches Us

By darrenhiggs | November 1, 2015 |

Star Wars provides some fantastic life lessons and moral values. Read on for many of the lessons that we have derived from these movies.

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Some Ärt” With Your Martial Arts

By darrenhiggs | October 16, 2015 |

As a martial artist, I get inspiration from many sources. This includes art or any endeavour where you can get a glimpse of what people are feeling when they produce something wonderful. Read on for some lessons.

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