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Gratitude – Celebrate Life

By darrenhiggs | October 23, 2022 |

Celebrate the positives in your life and embrace gratitude. Each one of you is truly remarkable, with an abundance of reasons to be grateful. Share your fantastic qualities with those around you, creating some positivity that uplifts everyone. Let’s continue to spread the good vibes—read on for more inspiration!

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Unlock Your Potential With Positive Behaviour

By darrenhiggs | October 16, 2022 |

Who does not want to be the best you can be, with anything in life that is important to you? However, to “Build A Better You”, you must adopt the right behaviours to get you there. Read on for our tips…

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By darrenhiggs | August 28, 2022 |

Who does not aspire to excel in the things that truly matter to us? I believe we all share that desire. Nevertheless, attaining a state of ‘excellence’ in any endeavour necessitates giving it your utmost effort, diligently acquiring knowledge, maintaining focus, and striving for the best possible outcome. These are the principles we instil in the students in every class. Few things compare to the sense of fulfillment, especially as an instructor, when witnessing the students achieve excellence with their martial arts. When they can attain excellence in martial arts, they possess the capability to excel at school or any other facet of life. Our aim is for you to prosper in all aspects of life. Please read on…

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The Power Of Mateship

By darrenhiggs | January 20, 2019 |

Mateship is showing loyalty to others. It is treating people equally, regardless of our backgrounds. It is solidarity, as mates are there in good or bad times. Be a good mate to everybody! Read on…

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Service to Others

By darrenhiggs | February 18, 2016 |

Service is an important part of martial arts. The people who went before us helped us to be better martial artists. In turn, when you become better or more senior, you can then help others. It is rewarding and what keeps the community active. Read on…

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