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Stand Up For What You Believe In

Standing up for what you believe in is important. You must take charge of your life and actions. This is not easy. Read on...


True success is bringing out the best in yourself, physically, mentally & emotionally, regardless whether you win or lose. It is feeling good about chasing your goal. Read on.


No two people in this world are exactly the same. The world would be a pretty boring place if they were. It is great that everybody thinks differently and acts differently. In a tolerant society, learn to respect and appreciate differences. Try news things so you can appreciate others. Read on.


Your destiny is in your control. You simply need to make the right choices when you are calm, neutral and ready to respond. Creating your own destiny is not easy. There are risks along the way. This is where courage comes into play. Without courage, you will never achieve personal excellence.


True role models take responsibility for their life. Acknowledge situations, remain calm, forgive yourself, be optimistic, take control and move forward. It helps "build a better you".


Focus is important in martial arts, as it is in everyday life. Focus is directing all of your attention to one task. It is blocking everything out and living in the “here and now”. Focused people live in the present moment. Read on for our thoughts to improve your focus.