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Live For The Moment

By darrenhiggs | June 30, 2018 |

True living can only happen in the present moment. Not in the past, not in the future, but right now. Enjoy this precious time and take action towards the things that are important for you.

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By darrenhiggs | November 21, 2017 |

There is a difference between bravery and courage. Bravery involves confronting challenges devoid of fear, while courage entails taking necessary actions despite feeling fear. Read on for further insights.

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Commitment For Martial Arts Excellence

By darrenhiggs | October 10, 2017 |

I have always admired people who embody true toughness. By “tough,” I do not refer to those who triumph in every fight they face; rather, I admire those resilient souls who persist regardless of the obstacles before them. Whether leading the pack or lagging behind, these individuals consistently give their utmost until the very end. This tenacity is not exclusive to martial arts; it transcends various walks of life. They are the kind of individuals you would want by your side in the trenches, for their unwavering commitment is outstanding. Read on…

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By darrenhiggs | October 3, 2017 |

Respect is important for you and everyone around you. It is not something that can be demanded, as it will not last. Respect is something that is offered firstly, then earned secondly. It is a “karma” thing. Read on…

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Still and Neutral

By darrenhiggs | October 3, 2017 |

Challenging situations are an inherent part of our life’s journey. We inevitably encounter circumstances that may not align precisely with our preferences. At times, we may find ourselves compelled to make decisions that we would rather not face. It is important to acknowledge that choices made while under the sway of negative emotions like anger or frustration can often yield unfavourable results for all parties involved. Consequently, it is of paramount importance to approach these decisions from a standpoint of inner calm and neutrality. Read on…

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The Power Of Determination In Achieving Your Goals

By darrenhiggs | October 2, 2017 |

Unlocking your true potential, and achieving everything that is important to you, requires unwavering determination. I love my martial arts, but I have never had innate talent. Instead, I dedicate countless hours of relentless effort and study to attain my accomplishments. Discover how to inject more determination towards your important goals (including my path to securing a World Championship) by reading on…

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By darrenhiggs | September 18, 2017 |

Mindfulness is as simple as wholeheartedly embracing the present moment. This enables heightened awareness. Increased awareness empowers you to make the right choices in life. Please read on…

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Living Your Truth

By darrenhiggs | January 29, 2017 |

Embrace your authentic self and thrive! Living in alignment with your truth and core values can be a challenging yet immensely rewarding journey. It calls for dedication, uniqueness, happiness, presence in the moment, and a proactive mindset. We have written this blog to help you live a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Read on…

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Mastery – The Basic Truth In Martial Arts

By darrenhiggs | September 30, 2016 |

In life, do not always try to learn more and more. Instead, have an unbreakable focus that you will really master the techniques that you do need to know. It may be repetitive, but repetition is required to develop skill. Skill is required to be the great martial artist we know you can be. Read on…

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Master Your Martial Arts Faster

By darrenhiggs | April 10, 2016 |

Martial arts takes 10 minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. Most people do not have the patience to master things in their life. Martial arts will help you overcome this in all areas of your life. Read on.

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