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Talk of the Week – Commitment

I have always admired people who are “tough”. I do not mean “tough” in the sense that they could win every fight that they are in. I look on tough people as those who will continue soldering on no matter what obstacles are placed in front of them. These people, whether they are a mile in front or a mile behind, are always trying their best to the very end. These people can be in any walk of life, not just martial arts. They are the type of people you would want in the trenches with you, as they are committed.

Talk of the Week – Respect

Respect is important for you and everyone around you. Respect is not something that can be demanded, as it will not last. Respect is something that is offered firstly, then earned secondly. It is one of those “karma” things. To get respect, you must first give respect. When you show respect for others, it might not mean a lot to you at the time. However, it could mean the world to the other person. And that is part of your service to others.