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Embracing Challenges

By darrenhiggs | June 15, 2020 |

Within the realm of martial arts, we offer an assurance that attaining a Black Belt or any personal objective is within reach for everyone. All that is required is a dedicated and resolute commitment to the journey, along with a wholehearted acceptance of the trials that accompany it. Additionally, we have noted 6 invaluable strategies to assist you on this path. Continue reading for deeper insights…

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Leadership: Unleashing Your Potential In Martial Arts

By darrenhiggs | May 4, 2020 |

In the world of martial arts, the synergy between leadership and personal development is truly remarkable. As you delve into the world of martial arts, you will quickly discover how it not only hones your physical skills but also plays a pivotal role in shaping your leadership abilities. Read on to explore how to “walk your talk” and discover how martial arts can transform you into a true leader.

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Effort Leads To Excellence

By darrenhiggs | February 29, 2020 |

At a certain stage in our martial arts journey, we realise that we have undertaken something more than just training the body. We realise the training requires a mental and spiritual component as well. But you can only know this if you put in the effort to be excellent. Read on….

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Your Goals vs Your System

By darrenhiggs | March 26, 2018 |

Setting goals in life is important, but we often overlook how we get there. One solution is to focus more on your system, instead of trying to stay focused solely on a distant destination. While goals are good for planning your progress, your martial arts system is where you make progress.

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Talk Of The Week – Awareness Of Others

By darrenhiggs | December 17, 2017 |

As a martial artist, you learn to physically defend your personal space (if you need to). However, are you as conscious of other people and their personal space? Read on for how respect and good manners helps.

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