Life has many ways of testing us. Sometimes, the test is nothing happening at all. Other times, the test is having a million things all happen at once. Often, these tests will be things that we cannot influence. It is important that you learn to surrender to those things that you cannot control, while focusing on those important things that you can manage.

Accept Situations

Surrendering is not giving up. It is simply accepting situations for what they are and accepting that you cannot change them. With acceptance, you can work with and around situations. You can often get the best insights by doing this, especially about yourself.

Learn From Uncertainty

However, to surrender to what is, you need to accept that there is uncertainty in life. Even if you try to accept matters for what they are, it does not always mean that the result will be in your favour. And that’s fine. The “positive” is not always the result, but rather the lesson. Learn from life’s ups and downs and keep the attention on those matters you can control.

Surrender = Happiness

Personally, I see surrender as focusing on what makes you happy. Surrender is opening up to new opportunities. This slight change in perspective can change the way you see things in life. For this week, try to be more accepting of others / situations, surrender to what is, let go of the past, and have faith in what the future will hold. It will strengthen you. It will also “Build A Better You!”

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