Ever had difficulty ticking off the things that you want to achieve? Sometimes, it is because of you, your fears, your doubts or your self-talk (I know this happens with me). To achieve what you really want to achieve, you must face up to these things. Otherwise, what is the point of aiming for goals if you are not willing to change what is stopping them?

All In Your Mind

Fear, doubts and excuses can be a funny thing. Whenever I have faced up to these things in the past, such as gradings or overseas tournaments, I have always done well. The insecurities were all in my mind. However, fear can be like the ocean waves constantly smashing into the rocks. It will eventually wear you down….if I let it!!!

Let Your Character Shine Through

This is where spirit is important. Spirit develops your character. We are all going to encounter impediments in life. However, having real spirit is accepting that this will happen and still moving forward anyway. Spirit is having the determination to chase what is important to you, no matter how much it hurts or how many times you feel defeated. There are gradings coming up. There are tournaments coming up. The person with spirit will still feel insecurities, but face up to, and defeat, them anyway. The world makes way for the person with the never-say-die spirit. Let the world make way for you!!!

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