Self Awareness

Self awareness is the starting point to improvement. Self awareness is really knowing you, your personality, your beliefs and motivations. Self awareness will also help you understand other people and their responses, which has obvious martial arts benefits (such as avoiding conflict and respecting others).

We all have an “awareness” for self-awareness, but practicing it is not all that common. You must ponder on your pondering, which is hard to do unless you want self-improvement. We want all of our students to self-improve, as we teach martial arts to help “build a better you!”

BruceLee once said, “in order to control myself, I must first accept myself by going with and not against my nature.” This is important part of self-awareness, i.e. being non-judgemental. Do not try to be somebody you are not. This will only cause inner conflict, self-doubt and esteem issues. Instead, accept who you are, be aware of who you are, then use that knowledge in all of your interactions.

For this week, pause, deliberate on your thoughts and feelings, and see what you can learn from all of the events in your life.