Right Action

Living by the principle of “right action” involves the choices we make in shaping our lives. It transcends mere rules and becomes your personal ethos. It encompasses positive thinking, speaking good words, and benevolent actions towards yourself and others. Embracing this approach can significantly enhance your happiness and quality of life.


“Right” pertains to our behaviour. This can be subjective and varies for each individual. Your personal interpretation of “right” should guide your actions, as long as these actions do not hurt others. “Right” should advance your personal growth throughout life, i.e. “Build A Better You”.


However, thinking about things or talking about things does not drive change itself. “Action” is the catalyst for transformation. Resolute people have conviction, unwavering determination and take purposeful action in their endeavours. Be one of those people that “walk their (positive) talk”.

Action for “Right Action”

This week, take a moment to reflect on your core values and ethical compass. Consider the conduct you aspire to uphold. Do not let adversities deter you. Instead, channel your energies into daily “Right Action” through your thoughts, words and deeds.

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