QMA - Responsibility 2

Do not blame others when things do not go your way. If you do this, you are living in a “negative state”. You are also (perhaps inadvertently) saying that you have no control over your life or actions. Once in a ‘negative state’, it can soon become your reality if you allow it.

Personally, I find it liberating to take responsibility for my actions, irrespective of whether I feel I am in the right or wrong. Remaining negative about a situation is only hurting me. There are always lessons to be learned in any situation. The trick is to remain calm (easier said than done), weigh up the choices then take the right action. Oh, and quickly forgive yourself if you were to blame.

True role models do not avoid problems. They acknowledge the situation, take control and move forward. This does not mean that everything will be perfect. But, if you remain optimistic, yet realistic, that situations will become better, they often will. This now becomes your new reality. This is a great example to set for your children, family and friends on the benefits of accepting responsibility.

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