Too often, people tend to assign blame to others when things do not go their way. By doing so, they dwell in a “negative state”. Implicitly, this behaviour suggests a lack of control over their own lives and actions. Once trapped in a ‘negative state’, it can soon manifest as their reality, if they permit it.


Personally, I find it empowering to assume responsibility for my actions, regardless of whether I perceive myself to be in the right or wrong. Maintaining negativity about a situation only harms me. Carrying that burden is not sustainable. Every situation presents valuable lessons to be learned. The key is to remain composed (though easier said than done), evaluate the options, and then take appropriate action. Oh, and it is crucial to quickly forgive oneself if at fault.

Genuine Role Models

Genuine role models do not avoid challenges. They acknowledge the circumstances, accept responsibility, seize control and move forward. This does not mean that everything will be perfect. But, if you maintaint a realistic, yet optimistic, outlook, situations often improve. This newfound reality sets an excellent example for children, family and friends, really showcasing the benefits of accepting responsibility.

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