Northstar Ju Jitsu Syllabus 

Adult Syllabus

Click on the link below to print out your latest syllabus information. Please make sure that you have all the required boxes signed to be qualified to grade.

White Belt Image v3

White Belt

White Belt (click to download)

Yellow Belt Image v3

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt (click to download)

Yellow Green Tip Image v3

Yellow Belt with Green Tip

Yellow Belt – Green Tip (click to download)

Green Belt Image v3

Green Belt

Green Belt (click to download)

Green Blue Tip Image v3

Green Belt with Blue Tip

Green Belt – Blue Tip (click to download)

Blue Belt Image v3

Blue Belt

Blue Belt (click to download)

Blue Brown Tip Image v3

Blue Belt with Brown Tip

Blue Belt – Brown Tip (click to download)

Brown Belt Image v3

Brown Belt

Brown Belt (click to download)

Brown Red Tip Image v3

Brown Belt with Red Tip

Brown Belt – Red Tip (click to download)

Red  Belt Image v3

Red Belt

Red Belt (click to download)

General  Notes Image v3

General Notes for all Belt levels

Notes for all Belt levels (click to download)

Fitness Guide Image v3

Fitness Progress Guide

Fitness Progress Guide (click to download)

Northstar Ju Jitsu Academy

White Belt Online Course

You have asked for it and you are now receiving it. The The Northstar Academy  ( is starting to release online / video sessions to help fast track your martial arts training. To start with, check out the Northstar Ju Jitsu White Belt Course. It provides you with detailed explanations, photo displays and video presentations, as well as information on grading, sparring and self defence. There is also a great module on the Northstar Ju Jitsu history. It is designed to be used in conjunction with (and not replace) class attendance and time in the dojo.

As you enrol for each course, please also email the office at to let us know that you have done so. This will help us monitor your progression towards your gradings.

The Northstar Ju Jitsu network

Quantum is a member of the Northstar Ju Jitsu System network of martial arts schools.  The headquarters (hombu) dojo is run by Sensei Andy Dickinson and is located in Balmain, NSW.  The Northstar website contains excellent resources for martial arts students and can be accessed by clicking below:






The following schools are members of the Northstar Ju JItsu network:

Keystone Martial Arts

KEYSTONE MARTIAL ARTS offer classes in Kellyville and Baulkham Hills

WESTSTAR MARTIAL ARTS offers classes in Perth, WA.

Arrow Martial Arts

ARROW MARTIAL ARTS offers classes in Marsfield & Ryde

Offering classes in Marrickville

ESPRIT MARTIAL ARTS Offering classes in Marrickville


FREELANCE MARTIAL ARTS offers classes in Panania

Eureka Logo

EUREKA Martial Arts offers Northstar Ju Jitsu in Rhodes

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