Resolutions… I made a few… but then again… too few to mention…

(with apologies to Sinatra)

Wow… have you found yourself looking at the calendar… it’s Autumn (or Spring) already and you say… where have the last two months gone?

Like many people around the world you probably made some NYE resolutions… eat better, drink less, less sugar, more exercise, more training, learn martial arts…

Sometimes we don’t achieve what we set out to do and that can be disheartening.  However the trick is to keep going no matter what gets in the way… especially when we get in our own way.

Here’s a little mantra I use – reflect, renew, resolve, do.

The final trick is the ‘rinse and repeat’ stage when we, inevitably, fall off the path.

Here at Quantum we are committed to helping you with your resolutions – primarily through building the ‘training’ habit.

Hope to see you on the mats @