Online Training Sessions

Live and Interactive Online Training

Quantum Martial Arts

Enjoy world class training from the comfort of your own home with QMA interactive video training sessions!


These sessions are live streamed and include:

  • Warmup exercises
  • Demonstrations
  • Audience participation including Q&As with members, polls and more!
  • Sessions for children, teenagers and adults, from beginners to experts.


Members receive invitations to scheduled online classes each week via email, and these classes can be viewed anywhere (with an active internet connection) using your home computer, laptop, mobile or tablet!

Members will have opportunities to engage by asking questions, voting on topics and receiving live feedback on their growth and technique.

For registered members, connecting to our online sessions is as easy as:

  1. Click on the link provided in your email when the session is about to go live.
  2. Follow the easy on screen prompts to download and install the Zoom conference software on your device. (this is a very small file and should be complete in a matter of seconds, and only required for your first online lesson).
  3. Select a name (ideally your or your child's full name so our trainers can easily greet and identify you) and enter the session!

Please note:

  • You do not need to register for a Zoom account, simply select a name for the session.
  • Members will be given opportunities to participate. This may be through video, audio or text chat - but is completely optional

Do I have to use a webcam / microphone to access the lessons?

A. Not at all! Members are welcome to simply watch the lessons and/or communicate via text chat if they prefer. 

My microphone seems to be muted, how do I fix this?

A. Sometimes the online lesson "room" will be set to automatically mute all members on entry (just so there are no background noise issues that could be distracting). In this case the instructors will enable voice chat again at specific times during the lesson. 
A. You can also mute/unmute yourself using the mute button in the app.

I'm having technical difficulties, how can I get help? 
A. In the unlikely event of technical difficulties, the best source of help is this guide provided directly from Zoom: