Quantum Martial Arts helps "Build A Better You" by training your body, mind and spirit.

Quantum Martial Arts teaches Northstar Ju Jitsu, which integrates modern and traditional elements of Ju Jitsu into a holistic practice of self-defence, fitness and mindfulness. Come and train with the reigning 2019 World Ju Jitsu Champions, together with our world-class team of instructors. Beginners are welcome at every class.

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We Are Located at PCYC, 224 Falcon Street, North Sydney

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    Quantum Martial Arts is dedicated to helping our students to “Build A Better You!” We do this by practicing martial arts for self defence, fitness and personal growth.   

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    Discipline, Defence, Fitness and Fun


    First Lesson FREE!


    All Year Round (we don't close for the school holidays)


    No Need For Gym Membership!


    Safe, Friendly Environment


    Home Of World Ju Jitsu Champion!



    Balmain PCYC

    372 Darling Street

    Balmain, NSW 2042


    Dougherty Community Centre

    7 Victor Street

    Chatswood, NSW 2067

    North Sydney


    224 Falcon St

    North Sydney, NSW 2060

    The Rocks

    King George V Centre

    15 Cumberland St

    The Rocks, NSW 2000


    Jack seems to be really enjoying his classes with you. I particularly like the fact that there are plenty of instructors per class, which means special care can be given to each child- at this young age, their attention wavers easily!! He also seems to get a good workout, which I think is also important for young kids with plenty of energy!


    Thanks for the email- Oscar is loving martial arts! Oscar really struggles with learning new skills which demotivates him to try new things.

    Besides swimming lessons (which he does not really enjoy or readily improve at) we have never successfully found something that he can do! Until now! I nearly died of shock when he told me he wanted to do extra martial arts classes during the holidays. He has never wanted to do anything extra ever!!!

    And yesterday I found him with a sandal on each hand trying to train his 3yr old brother with all his new skills! I really really hope the enthusiasm sticks around because I can see a bright future for him with you guys! So thank you so much for providing him with something he is excited and enthusiastic about!


    It has been great experience till date and I hope to continue on this journey.
    Anisha has enjoyed her lessons and continues to gain confidence and I do hope she will continue to build on the foundation that she has started to lay down.


    On a personal note, having achieved yellow green tip belt over this year, I look forward to continuing on the journey and earning a Black belt by the time I turn 55 years in 4 years from now.


    I just wanted to say thank you for the positive role you and QMA had and continue to have in my martial arts journey.  

    Your personal interest and daily involvement in your dojos means a great deal to those who train with you, either as QMA or visiting NSMA members.  Your inclusive attitude and commitment to excellence is reflected in the achievements of your students and does your organisation great credit.


    I am glad that I am back to training and I am really enjoying my classes even though I am still fighting my jet lag. 🙂


    I also found that I feel much better since I started the training. Really appreciate all your guidance and support.


    Join us for a FREE LESSON.

    We Are Located at PCYC, 224 Falcon Street, North Sydney

    Call (02) 8007 4100 or fill in the form below

      Is this lesson for your child?