Mindfulness is as simple as wholeheartedly immersing yourself in the present moment. However, achieving this state required dedicated practice. It also necessitates placing trust in your senses. Sustaining a mindful state can be challenging, as it is often disrupted by thoughts such as current problems, past reflections, or future worries. It is common for all of us to experience these thoughts. Nevertheless, we all have the ability to train ourselves to re-direct our focus towards the present moment, rather than dwelling on concerns or issues.

Martial Arts Helps Mindfulness

Engaging in martial arts offers valuable ways for cultivating mindfulness. Intense training demands our complete attention on the present moment. As we progress and continue our training, we develop the ability to recognize our automatic thought patterns and distinguish them from the mindful awareness of the current moment. This allows us to foster a “mental ready stance”, characterised by serenity and composure, even when faced with stressful circumstances.

Children’s Exercise

During our classes, we frequently engage children in an exercise where they close their eyes and simply listen to the sounds around them. The aim is not to form judgments or opinions, but rather to develop a sense of attentive listening. This practice often has a calming effect on the children, enhancing their focus and enabling them to approach their martial arts training in a more composed manner.

This exercise can be beneficial for anyone, not just children. It involves observing everything happening in your surroundings without passing judgment. Just remain still, neutral, and attentive. When you possess complete awareness, it empowers you to make conscious choices. Ideally, you will always opt for a path that leads to peace and happiness.

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