Why Your Instructor Cares About You And Your Family

A new post from Darren Higgs, Head Instructor at Quantum Martial Arts

Awesome post grading photo!

Awesome post grading photo!

The main thing I enjoy about being instructor at Quantum Martial Arts / Northstar Ju Jitsu is the sense of camaraderie among all of the instructors and students. It really is one big family, where everybody enjoys each other’s success and commiserates in other’s disappointment. It is fun to be around.
Over the years, I have observed what makes Northstar Ju Jitsu’s instructors so great, and came up with the following:

We Want You To Succeed
All of the instructors want you to succeed, regardless of who you are and what your starting point is. This is not limited to your martial arts. We want you to succeed in life, with your family, with your career / schooling, as well as being a good community member. It is an honour to help and share your wins.

We Think About You All The Time
When you do not come to class, we are thinking of you. Every single class helps you physically, mentally and emotionally. Every class brings you closer to your goals. Every class you miss brings you closer to quitting. The more we get to work with you, the more we get to help you kick goals and stop self-sabotaging behaviour.

You Give Us Great Joy
The best gift you can give an instructor is to show up to class. We love it, as we spend a lot of energy preparing a good class for you. We also get a lot of satisfaction seeing you enjoy the class and learn the lessons. You help us enjoy classes.

You, In Turn, Can Help Others
The next best gift you can give your instructor is letting your family and friends know that your martial arts training is benefiting you. Heck, they may even want to join themselves. One of the things that makes a community successful is the members have a common interest. Your family and friends help you become the awesome person you are today. Why not let them receive the same benefits that you are receiving?

We Enjoy Your Success….Sometimes More Than You Do
We love helping and seeing you achieve your goals. It is gratifying and humbling. This all comes back to the power of a team. Have you ever seen the 4 x 100m relay swim at the Olympics? Sometimes, the swimmer break world records in the relay event, but they cannot do the same when they swim the individual event. This is because the power of the team helps motivate them. In martial arts, it is teamwork (between instructors and students) that help everybody achieve greatness.

You Help Educate Us
Martial arts is much more than the physical side. It is the mental, emotional and spiritual side as well. This is the really hard part to master. However, it is also the part that separates a “dojo black belt” from a “life black belt”. Very often, the people that best teach the instructors are the students. We see how hard you work, how you apply the lessons and how you interact with each other. It inspires us to be better people.

There Are No Prodigal Sons And Daughters
Even if you need to cease training for whatever reason, your instructors always want to re-connect. You are always considered part of the family. A true martial artist will always remember the lessons from the dojo. If you have been away from the dojo for a while, why don’t you re-connect? You will be welcomed with open arms (and perhaps arm bars later ha ha).

If you have any queries on the above article, please email us on info@quantummartialarts.com.au or simply pop into class (class times are on our website www.quantummartialarts.com.au).
p.s. A big thank you to powerfulwords.com for helping to inspire this article.

See you on the mats – Daz & Ben