Martial Arts Helps Intellectual Accomplishment

QMA - Rubiks Cube

Many of us already know that that physical activity will help enhance brain performance. Martial arts can certainly help intellectual accomplishment, as it provides a mental, emotional and philosophical framework around the physical activity. This is all backed up by scientific research.

In martial arts classes, you have to learn your syllabus for your next grading. The beauty of a good syllabus is that it does not just show you what to do, but also how, why and when we do the moves. Other than providing a great workout, your martial arts class is also providing intellectual stimulation by having you “learn your moves”.

Some of the benefits for children and their schoolwork are as follows:

  1. It keeps children’s brains fit. It is not only muscles that need to be exercised;
  2. Training improves blood flow and oxygen to the brain. This is an important fuel for brain use;
  3. Improves children’s energy levels, which helps them focus longer;
  4. Increases levels of endorphin’s which results in a reduction of stress and improves attitude;
  5. Increases neurological connections which aids in learning and memory recall;
  6. Engages functional use of imagination;
  7. Creates a euphoric high. If children can get this “high” from learning martial arts, this can cross over to their other academic endeavours.

QMA - Homework

The above benefits do not just help children. It can also help adults improve their performance in the workplace. The steps you go through to learn a new skill are the same irrespective of age. With each martial arts class, you will notice an improvement in yourself right away. This can carry over to your home and workplace in the following ways:

  • Increases productivity in all areas of life. Your training teaches you simple and direct ways to get the job done;
  • Boosts energy and vitality;
  • Improves your mood;
  • Improves focus and concentration;
  • Gives you better strength, endurance and flexibility;
  • Improves posture, particularly if you have a desk job;
  • Grows your self-respect, which in turn gets respect from others;
  • Lowers stress;
  • Alleviates anxiety;
  • Improves self-control;
  • Inspiration and determination to achieve more;
  • Boosts creativity. Be the “ideas person” as well as the “doer” around work and home;
  • Helps prevent heart disease, lower the risk of a stroke and lowers high blood pressure. A lot of people do not think about maintaining a certain level of health and fitness for the workplace. Being fit for the office will improve your job performance;
  • Improves immune function. The less you are sick, the better your job performance will be;
  • Improves quality of your sleep. We need a good night’s sleep to mentally function properly;
  • Improves mental health. This is a big topic these days, with work pressure being a contributor;
  • Increases the odds of earning a higher salary. A fully fit, vibrant and mentally strong “you” should be able to write your own pay cheque;
  • Improves your quality of life and those around you.

QMA - Better Workplace Environment

Can anybody name one thing off these lists that martial arts will not help improve? I did not think so!

How many of you have listened to a motivational speech or read a book to get inspired? I believe that it is easy to get inspired, but harder to go through the “actions” of getting where you need to be. This is where martial arts classes for children and adults will help you immensely. Martial arts provides the benefits (mentioned above) that a motivational course will provide. However, it has two other major factors in its favour:

  • You train with a caring and fun community that wants to help you;
  • You pick up some great self-defence skills.

So ditch the motivational course or self-help book. Let the martial arts classes provide you with your intellectual stimulation and, in turn, intellectual accomplishment.