Martial arts teaches qualities such as awareness, living in the present moment, being neutral and ready to respond to the needs of the situation.  These qualities help with how you live your life, as they help you see a matter for what it really is. In any given situation, there are choices in how you respond. We always hope that you and your child make the choice of peace.


It is easier to make a peaceful choice if you have a loving attitude in life. Love, in this sense, is showing compassion, being empathetic, understanding of where others may be coming from, tolerance and kindness to everybody. These virtues allow you to have a more positive outlook in life. And we all know we react better from a state of positivity, rather than reacting from negative feelings such as anger or fear.

Tips to bring love into your life

– Meditate: breathe deeply and focus on your thoughts. When you do this, ask yourself how you would react to those thoughts. Do not judge yourself. Just be an observer. Try to veer towards happy, peaceful thoughts / reactions;

– Help somebody this week: there are heaps of events that happen during the day where you can assist. So do so, without the expectation of being thanked or acknowledged. It will make you feel better;

– Show empathy: take a genuine interest in others. Ask questions and put yourself in their shoes. Everybody is different and it is refreshing to have different outlooks on things;

– Control negative emotions: when you feel anger, fear or doubt, do not react straight away. “Count to 10” as my Nan used to say. Ask yourself if you are over-exaggerating your feelings. Then try to twist the thoughts around to positive ones. It is hard doing this, but you can with practice.

Have a lovely…and loving…week.

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