Leadership is an important part of your martial arts development, especially during these COVID times. Each and every one of you have great qualities that can be shared with others. Therefore, each and every one of you have the ability to lead in your own way.

A good leader acts with honesty and integrity. They speak the truth and, by doing so, earns trust. They are of good character. They have a giving spirit and show courtesy to everyone. These are qualities that allow others to respect you. Respect is a vital attribute for all leaders.

A good leader also “walks their talk”. They do what they say they are going to do, which further builds trust. When others view you to be trustworthy, you have earned the right to have responsibility for others.

Martial arts training helps develop leadership, especially in children. The further you grade, the more you learn, which then allows you to help others. When you help, you are directly taking on the qualities of leadership. This is why “service” is a vital part of our system. The service helps all of the students develop leadership qualities. This will help “Build a Better You!”