Friday Thinker – Struggle

Struggle is the anvil

I have had cause to think about ‘struggles’ lately, and without going into too much detail, I have come to realise that everyone is struggling with different challenges in their life – personal, health, family, work and friends.

More importantly struggle has taught me that compassion, sympathy and empathy are the key – sharing our different struggles helps make challenges easier to bear and overcome.

To struggle is what unites us.

Training in a complete martial art is of immense help in facing our struggles head on. Martial arts teaches us perseverance and self discipline. The physical lessons, over time, translate into the mental space.

For me hard physical training is a release and an escape, for a while, from my struggles. By applying self discipline in the physical realm I can take control. I am then empowered to take that new energy out into the world. The dojo – that place of technique, robust training and focus – becomes a refuge from our cares.

Looking forward to sharing the martial arts journey with you!


Ben Owens & Darren Higgs run Quantum Martial Arts offering classes in ju jitsu, self defence and martial arts fitness in the heart of Sydney CBD.