Friday thoughts for long weekend… balance

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NSMA & QMA students David & Andrew demonstrate striking technique.

Long weekends, warm weather and Spring… these all make me contemplative.  Here are some of the thoughts rattling around my mind at present.

We often focus on ‘balance’ in martial arts… in a physical sense, and in a mental sense in a self defence situation… but we can also take the metaphor further into our lives.  Here are some practical thoughts on a balanced life:

  • AFD’s (Alcohol Free Days) – how many days a week are you doing this?
  • DFD’s (Device Free Days) – I am aiming for one a week.  On a Sunday I avoid the TV, tablet and smartphone screens.  I still read my Kindle though 🙂
  • 5:2 diet, or a variation on this.  A little bit of fasting is good for the body and spirit
  • Food – a little bit paleo, more whole food, more organic, less sugar
  • Exercise – am I getting at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise a day?  QMA is good for that!
  • Incidental exercise – walk home, take the stairs, take a lunchtime stroll
  • Mindfulness moments – doing the chores, taking Zen walk, breathing
  • Feed your spirit – take out some time for you – meditation, prayer, worship, creativity
  • Friendship – tell someone how much they mean to you

Do you have any lifestyle tips?  Share below in comments!

Have a great long weekend everyone and hopefully see some of you on the mats!

– Benny