Drill For Skill


There are many benefits to working out and getting incredibly fit. You look good, you feel good and you act good. We want you to get better while you are getting fitter. That is why we have the slogan, “Build A Better You”.

Within the workouts, we work the kickboxing section hard. However, when your focus is on fitness, you must work hard in the right way. This is where drilling is so important. Drilling is simply putting simple, basic kickboxing techniques (such as punches, elbows, knees and kicks) into a combination, and then working them over and over, rinse and repeat. Drilling helps your total fitness in the following ways:

  • It wakes up your muscles. Well, not so much waking the muscles, but rather screaming at them to get to work. You feel alive when you get physical;
  • By repeating the kickboxing moves and combinations, you get better at them. Repetition is the mother of all skill;
  • Drilling kickboxing moves is extremely gruelling. It takes mental fortitude to work yourself hard through entire sets. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. You will learn that if you work hard in your workouts, you can work hard with other areas of your life. Use your workout as a canvas for life;
  • Improves co-ordination. Any outstanding athlete has ‘ease of movement’. They know how and when to move their body. Drilling combinations improves these attributes;
  • Helps with precision and accuracy. Drilling teaches you to land your moves on the right spot. You control your techniques. You control yourself;
  • Increases your power. Drill techniques improves your confidence. This enables you to do the techniques a faster and harder each time. Speed x strength = power, and drilling assists this; 
  • Improves endurance. When you repeat moves while working hard, your body must aerobically keep up. If you keep persisting, your body will improve and keep up with the demand;
  • Assists with balance. Balance is ‘correct body alignment’. The more you drill proper stance and proper technique, the more it helps balance. This improves athletic performance in all areas, not just kickboxing;
  • Assists with timing on techniques. Speed and timing walk hand-in-hand. But, you could be the fastest person in the world with your techniques. However, if you throw the technique at the wrong time, the technique is useless. Drilling will help you learn how and when to most effectively use your techniques.

The other secret to effective drilling is effective “stacking”. Stacking is simply starting off with a basic combination, such as a jab-cross, and then adding a single technique on each time, e.g. adding a turning kick to the jab-cross. This helps you:

(a)    Break down the combination into simple bite-sized chunks. This will help you learn and remember your moves. You do not have to remember all of the combination upfront, as we are gradually introducing moves. However, we can guarantee you will remember the combination at the end;

(b)    When you gradually add new techniques into a combination while the body is tiring, it becomes tough! Just when the body is screaming for a break, you are working it harder. This starts becoming a “you vs you” test. In fairness though, we never said FightFit was easy. We want to build an inner toughness in you. We want to Build A Better You!

Does all of the above sound exhausting? Well then, wait until you try the workout. We have only described the kickboxing portion. There is still the weights, tabata, cardio and yoga to consider. But FightFit provides the best parts of all of the traditional workout programs. So it is not meant to be easy…..just awesome!!! See you in class.    

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