One of the main reasons people start martial arts is for discipline. Discipline / self-discipline helps you reach your goals, develop a real work ethic, while helping with your self-confidence.

However, martial arts alone does not automatically mean you become disciplined. It is how you approach your martial arts training that is important. Do you:

  • Show up to class on time?
  • Listen and fully participate in class?
  • Set yourself achievable goals to work towards (say the next grading)?
  • Work on your weakness and not just your strengths?
  • Seek help from others to help work on those weaknesses?
  • Provide service to others?

This is how a disciplined martial artist is measured, rather than by how high you can kick.

Discipline does not just apply to your martial arts. Do you take the positive behaviours from your martial arts training and apply them to other areas of your life? Do you purposely make time to spend with family and friends? Are you just as disciplined with your school work and homework? Are you just as disciplined with your career? Remember, a true martial artist is a “Black Belt at life”, not just in the dojo. And it takes a disciplined mindset to be a Black Belt.

For this week, ensure that you are self-disciplined in everything you do. Put in that extra 1% at home, school, work and your martial arts. It will help build a better you.