Dedication is an attribute that any successful martial artist…no, any successful person…must have in abundance. You must remain committed to your goals or purpose. A great example is the students who train towards their Black Belt, as this takes years of dedicated physical and mental preparation. An even better example is those students who continue training well past their Black Belt, as they have embraced the real martial arts ethos.

1% Inspiration and 99% Preparation

Dedication is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Anybody can get inspired. But it is harder to get out there are start working for it. There are no shortcuts to achieving anything worthwhile. If you get started immediately on what you want to achieve, you are already one day closer to achieving your goal.

Add Some Confidence

Dedication is not easy. You must also have complete confidence that you can achieve your goal. Otherwise it is hard to stay dedicated. How do you develop that confidence? Hard work is a very good start. And speaking of that hard work, you must be prepared to never give up. Go to the end of the count…do the extra rep…do whatever it takes to get you to your goal.

Handbrake or Accelerator?

Dedication can be the handbrake on the speed of your success. Dedication can also be the accelerator on the speed of your success. The choice is yours on which lever you choose. Decide which one will help “Build A Better You!”

To help build these vital attributes, refer to our timetable for “martial arts classes near me”. The trainers and I will dedicate ourselves to improving your martial arts and your life.