Create Your Own Destiny

We are all exceptional. Every one of us has the ability to positively influence our lives through our thoughts and actions. Your destiny is absolutely in your control. In life, we all have choices. It is during these moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. All you have to do is make choices that are right for you.

Shy and no self-confidence

I am…and have always been…shy and lacking in self confidence. A lot of the students do not believe this, but it is true. Martial arts was one avenue that allowed me to better express myself. It helped me learn that with hard work and discipline, that I can achieve things. Once I started kicking goals in martial arts, it positively impacted everything else in my life. Therefore, the lessons you learn in the dojo will help you forever.

Right choices

The right choice is often made when you are calm, still, neutral and ready to respond. When you are this way, it allows you to listen to your own intuition, rather than the thoughts of others. Use life’s experiences to help you choose the right path for you. This is how you will grow and forge your own path.

Have courage

Now, creating your own destiny is never easy. Whenever you need to make choices, there is a risk that you may get it wrong. This is where courage comes into play. If you do not have courage, you will never achieve personal excellence. So be courageous, face your fears and “Build A Better You”.

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