Create Your Own Destiny

We are all exceptional individuals, possessing the power to positively shape our lives through our thoughts and actions. Your destiny lies firmly within your grasp, and in the realm of choices, during these decisive moments, your unique path takes form. The key is to make choices that resonate with your true selves.

Fate vs Karma vs Destiny

Now, let’s delve into the concepts of fate, karma, and destiny. Fate is often seen as the course life takes, with karma being a contributing factor influenced by your efforts. While fate may seem predetermined, destiny, which is within your control, is shaped by the choices you make. Aligning with karma, positive actions yield positive returns. It is a reminder that taking risks and making choices can propel you toward greatness.

Shyness and Self-confidence

Let’s explore the journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It might surprise a lot of people, as I teach classes to many people, but I am very shy and lack self-confidence. Martial arts is often my sanctuary, providing a platform to express myself. Through hard work and discipline, I learned that I could achieve things. The positive impact of kicking goals in martial arts rippled into every corner of my life, emphasising that the lessons learned in the dojo are timeless and enduring.

Right Choices

Making the right choices is an art form in itself, best mastered in moments of calm, stillness, and neutrality. In this state, we can listen to our intuition, allowing it to guide us instead of being swayed by external opinions. Life’s experiences serve as valuable compass points, aiding us in choosing the path that aligns with our personal growth and helps us forge our own distinctive journey.


Courage is the cornerstone of creating your destiny. Crafting your own fate is not without challenges, and the risk of making the wrong choices is inherent. Embracing courage is the catalyst for achieving personal excellence. So, be bold, face your fears, and embark on the journey to “Build A Better You.” Remember, your ability to positively influence your life lies in your thoughts and actions.

The “R” Word

If you find yourself hesitating, it might be due to the fear of risk—the “R word.” Many shy away from the courage needed to make excellent choices. The pain of potential failure often outweighs the pleasure of success. Yet, blocking out this fear and focusing on your goals opens up a world of possibilities. Stepping up and taking risks is essential for crafting your destiny.

Why Haven’t You Fulfilled Your Destiny?

If you haven’t fulfilled your destiny, ask yourself why. Are you content with dreams remaining dreams, or are you ready to turn them into achievable goals? Challenge the notion of comfort zones—is it genuinely your comfort, or a life you’ve fallen into and can’t escape? You have the potential for extraordinary accomplishments. Pursuing your dreams ignites passion, creating power over your actions and allowing you to live the life you envision.

Brief Exercise

Let’s engage in a brief exercise. Close your eyes and envision a goal that stirs both your mind and emotions. It should be something you would proudly look back on as a significant achievement. Feel the passion for this goal, then take one step toward it and formulate a plan. Commit to small daily steps, gradually moving beyond your comfort zone. Every step takes you closer to your worthwhile aim, shaping your destiny.

I will share my martial arts goal, which is achieving my 7th Dan Black Belt. You can share your aspirations by emailing me at I am here to support you on your journey to creating your destiny. Here is to a future filled with courage, growth, and realisation of your extraordinary potential.

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