Courtesy is a major part of your martial arts training. You bow as you enter and leave the dojo. You show respect and manners with your teacher and training partners. Courtesy is just as important as the physical training, as it helps with all of our interactions.

In saying this, do you show courtesy to others outside of the dojo? Like your martial arts technique, simplicity is often best when it comes to courtesy. Say “please” and “thank you”. Smile at others. Let somebody know when they have done well. Compliment others, rather than point out faults. These are all simple gestures that can really make somebody’s day. A kind word at the right time can mean so much to others.

We teach martial arts for peace. Courtesy inspires peace between you and others. If the other person is then courteous to somebody else, that has inspired peace between them. It is a compounding effect. That is why I believe we have such a fantastic martial arts community, as we are peaceful and courteous to each other at all times. If you can be courteous in the dojo, you can be courteous anywhere.

Our aim is to help “Build A Better You!”. Be nice to others without expecting anything in return. Practice simple, courteous gestures. It costs nothing, but will make you feel better in return.