Consistency is a must to really excel in martial arts. You can always find a reason not to attend class. But winners show up, work hard and do their best. With consistency and proper practice, you get better with your technique and philosophy. This will help you achieve your martial arts goals. Furthermore, focus, patience and consistency will help you kick goals at anything in life.

The Secret

When asked the secret to martial arts success, one of my first teachers always replied “show up to training”. When karate master, Mas Oyama, was asked the same question, he replied “sweat” (i.e. hard work). I still follow these simply rules to this day. Consistency may not sound exciting. Hard work is exactly that….hard. But consistency and hard work is essential!

No Self-Confidence To A Machine

I, along with your world class trainers team, get comments on our fitness or technique. I often hear, ‘’you’re a machine’’. Trust me, I was not born athletic. My family can attest to this ha ha. I hate to admit this as it affected my self-confidence as a child, but I was rather un-athletic and obese growing up. However, in adulthood, I found my passion in martial arts. Once I found that passion, you could not stop me training. If I (and your trainers) may be fitter or know our technique more than most, it is because of consistency in our practice.

From my end, a lot of people do not see the ‘’extra training’’ that gets done privately. I believe that what gets done in the dark shall be seen in the light. But it helps build a better me so I can hopefully help ‘’Build A Better You’’. I, along with all of your trainers, want to give our absolute best to all students. So, we will walk our talk, show up to the dojo and see you in class.

Build A Better You!!!