Concentration For A Better You!

Concentration will 100% make you a better martial artist and a better person. How? Well, concentration is simply focusing all of your attention to a single activity. It is thinking carefully about what you are doing. Ignoring distractions. If you can do this, it allows you to better perform the task at hand. Martial arts helps with your concentration. Concentration also helps your martial arts.

Concentrated Practice

In martial arts, you learn to control your body, mind and spirit. This can be difficult, especially with more complex techniques. A simple fighting stance still involves full concentration. Before you begin your technique from fighting stance, are your hands in the right position? Is your chin down? Are your shoulders relaxed? Is your foot positioning correct? Is your mind alert? This is just the start. After you have finished your technique / combination, is your body coming back to proper fighting stance? For most, going from zero to 100% back to zero again…correctly…can take years to master. But this is all part of the learning process. Nobody is perfect to start with. But you can approach perfection with proper practice. And it is far better to have “concentrated practice” rather than simply going through the motions.

Breathing and Meditation

There are many other concentration techniques you can use to help with your martial arts practice. Breathing and focusing on the breath. It is simple and effective, yet clears the mind so you can concentrate better.

Meditation is another great technique. Sit down…notice your body…breathe…let go of any thoughts that pop up…be kind to yourself and your thoughts….always aiming to bring yourself back to the “here and now”. Some of the best martial arts sessions…as well as work meetings…have happened after I meditated prior.

Martial Arts and Life

Martial arts is so dynamic. As it involves the application of your whole self (including awareness, agility, responses, speed, strength, stamina and anticipation), it cultivates an ability to concentrate fully on the task at hand. If you can learn to concentrate in martial arts classes, this will help you with everything. School! Work! Career! Or anything else that requires single-minded application.

When you are decisive and sincerely want to succeed at anything in life, knowing how to fully concentrate is absolutely paramount. When this time arrives, you will be glad your martial arts helped “Build A Better You”.

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