Commitment seems to be a quaint concept in the modern world, where so many messages of “put yourself first” and “take the easy path” are prevalent. However, we all know that anything truly worth having or achieving requires focus, energy and time to be successful. In other words, COMMITMENT! Commitment is not a fleeting thing, but a deep sense of having laid everything on the line in order to achieve the goal we have set ourselves.

If you always choose the easy path, you will have a hard life. However, if you choose the hard path where you must work for things, you will have an easy life.

All of our students…adults and children alike…can take the lessons from the dojo on this one. Commitment can be training hard for your next grading. You do the hard work and you get the rewards. If you apply these lessons outside of the dojo…e.g. home, at school or at work…you will be a success at anything you put your mind to. It all starts with COMMITMENT!!!