CBD Self Defence



My corporate work recently moved office from North Sydney to the CBD of Sydney. While it is great to be back among the masses (tongue firmly in cheek) I have witnessed a few instances that have made me reflect on CBD Self Defence skills:

  • A pedestrian accident
  • A bicyclist and a car colliding
  • A person under the influence of substances hassling ladies having lunch in the park
  • A taxi catching on fire

All this in a few months… it can be a jungle out there.

Here are a few tips on CBD Self Defence… from the common and the more extreme risks that we face:

  • Awareness is the key – I see so many people with their earphones in and tapping on their smartphone as they walk along! I personally count about 10 pedestrians I have pulled out of the way of George Street buses over the years
  • Understand the environment – it is so easy to go with the flow of people, but often the crowd crossing the street does so against the pedestrian rules or unaware of the risks – buses, taxis, delivery drivers – all rushing deadlines and the orange light
  • Plan your path – in Winter it is dark and walking a well-lit path is critical – avoid those parks and back alley shortcuts
  • Know the dangers – unfortunately the CBD brings out some specific risks – homeless and mentally ill living rough, alcohol affected violence and the City being a beacon for the proverbial ‘big night out’
  • Learn a robust, practical and self defence focused martial art

Quantum Martial Arts offers a free introductory self defence lesson and classes in the CBD. Click here to a book your lesson now!

The old saying – be alert but not alarmed – holds true! Be safe, enjoy yourself and get home safe!


Ben Owens & Darren Higgs run Quantum Martial Arts offering classes in ju jitsu, self defence and martial arts fitness in the heart of Sydney CBD.