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Mental Toughness for Martial Artists

By darrenhiggs | February 10, 2019 |

Mental toughness is an important part of martial arts. In life, choosing the “easy path” is too common. But to really achieve anything worthwhile, you need commitment, focus, resilience and the right attitude. Read on…

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By Dylan | December 23, 2018 |

Generosity helps you, the receiver and any onlookers be better people. Give the gift of time and energy to others. The impact could be life changing to somebody. Read on.

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Stand Up For What You Believe In

By darrenhiggs | September 17, 2018 |

Standing up for what you believe in is important. You must take charge of your life and actions. This is not easy. Read on…

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By darrenhiggs | September 9, 2018 |

True success is bringing out the best in yourself, physically, mentally & emotionally, regardless whether you win or lose. It is feeling good about chasing your goal. Read on.

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By darrenhiggs | August 25, 2018 |

Everybody is unique in their own way, which is great. But we must be tolerant and respect other people and their opinions. Read on…

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Create Your Own Destiny

By darrenhiggs | August 19, 2018 |

Creating your own destiny is not easy. You must have the courage to take risks and be excellent. Read on for how the dojo can help…

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By darrenhiggs | August 12, 2018 |

True role models take responsibility for their life. Acknowledge situations, remain calm, forgive yourself, be optimistic, take control and move forward. It helps “build a better you”.

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By darrenhiggs | August 3, 2018 |

Focus is important in martial arts, as it is in everyday life. Focus is directing all of your attention to one task. It is blocking everything out and living in the “here and now”. Focused people live in the present moment. Read on for our thoughts to improve your focus.

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By darrenhiggs | August 3, 2018 |

A lot of people start martial arts to learn discipline. Discipline / helps you reach your goals, develop a real work ethic, while helping with your self-confidence. However, does martial arts help with your discipline, or does discipline help with your martial arts? Read on.

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Black Belt Attitude

By darrenhiggs | July 23, 2018 |

You do not need to be a Black Belt to have a “Black Belt Attitude”. But you do need a “Black Belt Attitude” to get your Black Belt, or attain excellence at anything you aspire to.

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