Black Belt Qualities

Upon the inception of Quantum Martial Arts, our primary aim was to inspire students to “Build A Better You!”. This principle became our our mission statement. If we can have even a small positive influence on your life, we view it as a win – regardless whether it pertains to martial arts, education, profession, business, or simply being a better friend.

The Six Qualities

To realise this, you must embrace the the “Black Belt Qualities”. Irrespective of your life’s pursuits, if you want to achieve excellence, you must:

– devote countless hours of deliberate practice;

– work hard;

– remain focused;

– exercise self-discipline

– be determined; and

– exhibit resilience in the face of any setbacks.

Take That First Step

In the coming week, centre your energies on fulfilling the necessary actions to attain excellence in areas that hold significance for you. Occasionally, summoning the dedication required can prove challenging. Yet, the very same diligence will inevitably lead to positive results. Discipline towards these 6 qualities is “freedom”, as it will allow you to achieve the things that are important to you. That is, it will “Build A Better You”.

For “martial arts classes near me”, where we teach these six qualities in each and every class, please refer to our timetable link. See you in class, future Black Belts!