Black Belt Qualities

When we started Quantum Martial Arts, we wanted all of the students to “Build A Better You!” , which became our mission statement. If we can have even a small positive impact on your life, we look on this as a win, irrespective if it is martial arts, school, career, business, or simply being a better friend.

To achieve this, you must adopt “Black Belt Qualities”. Irrespective of what you do in life, if you want to achieve excellence, you need to:

– put in countless hours of practice;

– work hard;

remain focused;

have discipline;

be determined; and

– be resilient, despite any setbacks.

For this week, focus on doing what needs to be done to achieve excellence in the things that are important to you. Sometimes, it is difficult to do the hard work necessary to achieve results. However, the same hard work and results (whether the result is good or a short-term setback) will ultimately help “Build A Better You”.