Black Belt Attitude

QMA - Black Belt Attitude 3

The Black Belt represents a symbol of excellence. When we train you, we use the symbol of a Black Belt to help you strive to be better. A Black Belt is simply a white belt who never gave up and worked hard at achieving their goals.

However, we do not just want you to be Black Belts in the dojo, but also Black Belts at life. Be the best person you can be. You will not be perfect, but you can try your best to be. Remember the following:

– Know what you want to achieve. It is easy to focus your attitude when you know what you want (and why)

– Do not give up when things get tough. This is where the real learning starts. It is also the fun part of any journey

– Be determined. The world makes way for the determined person

– Do what is needed. Do not stop short, as this forms bad habits. Follow through on what you commit to do

– But, also remember to enjoy the journey. I always train better when I am having fun. Train with a smile on your face.

At the end of the day, Black Belt is not about the colour of the belt, but more the mindset. If you have the right mindset…or attitude…you can achieve anything in life. And that is we want for you and your child.

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